dari kemren seneng dey kalo liat rmln na fs..


Energy Meter


Today’s Forecast

It’s time for some adventure. You won’t want to go alone, however,
so get busy luring someone into being your partner in crime. No matter
who you choose, it won’t take long to convince them.

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The Bottom Line

The stars have appointed you today’s Social Director. You know exactly what to do.

In Detail

You’re restless, and quite eager to jump right out of your rut —
for the moment, at least. You’ll have absolutely no problem finding
someone to go with you, and with your encouragement, they’ll have no
problem talking their way into a few days (or a lot of days) off. So
don’t hesitate to ask them along for the ride. You know how you are.
You hate to do anything alone — and when you’re off for an adventure,
that goes double.

tapi kalo liat energy meter duit na ful itu salah 😦
heuheuheu lagi cekak…


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