today n 4 days before

kemaren libuaran n balik ke lampung…
sukses tanpa charger…
enak juga ga di ganggu hape…
full bersosialisasi…
tapi gak juga siyh
tetep aja mantengin kompi buat in vector…
mana adek minta ajarin vector
sisa waktu nya jalan2 temen in tante kuwh belanja…
ahir nya makan bakso juga di sana…
berikut es jeruk nya yg seger n manis…
gak lupa makan rujak huhuhuhuhu
manja2 ama org rumah…
dan di tmbah… dapet sepatu yg gw ingin in di jkt
cuman di jkt ga ada ukurannya buat kaki saya yg kecil ini…

pas liat fs…
again in forecast…

Energy Meter

money love attitude

Today’s Forecast

You’re practically unstoppable at whatever you do right now, such is
the force of your charm. Once you get your irresistible self in the
ring, work matters sort themselves out and suitors throw themselves at
your feet.

The Bottom Line

Flirt like you’ve never flirted before — getting chased after is good exercise!

In Detail

Have some questions when it comes to the big L? (You know —
L-o-v-e?) Well, of course you do — doesn’t everyone? Specifically,
however, you have questions about a current romance that seems to be
triggering some feelings about a situation that you thought you’d deal
with a long time ago. Look to the stars for answers, as they’ll stir up
some feelings that need your careful attention. In fact, it’s most
important to pay attention to them before acting.

waktunya tepe tepe niyh
hohohohoho ^0^




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