Strike a-like Exhibition, March 2007

Strike a-like Exhibition, March 2007 at South Bank Institute, Morning side Campus Gallery

it’s a assesment on my class
we had to made an art from red head matches.

rather than just a fine art, i wanted to make something that have a function.

so i made a dandelion
with the match box as the pot, so i can use the striker
some plastic leave so it’s look like dandelion [i pinched it from my mums plastic plant, i hope she didn’t notice it ;p ]
a wire
and i put some blu tack to the wire so i can put it together with the matches
i was gonna use stereo foam, but i used blu tack because it can reform it again when you have already use all the matches, and put the new one on it. is that make sense?

well actualy it’s just like another form of matches.

you can pull one of the match from the dandelion, and strike it on the pot. )



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