magenSaa in kanji

tadi abis buka2 website kanji gituu  (i was browsing about kanji..)

trus iseng2 cari2 kanji yg bagus buat ma-gen-saa (then, i tried to find good kanji for ma-gen-saa)



ma (kun reading) , shin (on reading)

artinya / meaning: real, true, right

gen ( on reading, maboroshi (kun reading)

yg artinya/ meaning: phantom

trus… (then)

dapet sa nya dari kanji sa(ku), i took sa(ku) kanji for sa

artinya / menaing:  to bloom

jadinya.. jyang!


magensa—- the real phantom blooms

apa gini aja ya.. (or.. what if i use… )

jadi yg di kanjiin cuman ma sama gen nya (the kanji only for ma and gen and use just katakana for saa)


magenSaa >> the real phantom Saa



hahahah aneh ga sii? bener ga ya?  ( is it weird? i wonder if it is right or not)

dunno.. later on ill check it with my friend.


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