my picture book list

since i moved to australia, i’m collecting picture books..

this is the list of the picture book that i have.

  1. by Pablo Bernasconi – The wizard, the Ugly
    and The book of Shame

  2. Hippos Can Swim
  3. by Peter H Reynolds – ish
  4. So few of me
  5. Olivia
  6. by Ian Falconer – Olivia… and The Missing Toy
  7. Olivia Saves the Circus
  8. by Oliver Jeffers – Lost and Found
  9. The Incredible Book Eating Boy
  10. by Lila Prap – Why
  11. by by Neil Curtis & Joan Grant – Cat and Fish Go to See
  12. by Christian Chardi – Selkie and The Fisherman
  13. by Colin Thompson, Ben Redlich (Illustrator) – The Great Montefiasco
  14. by Niamh Sharkey – I’m a Happy Hugglewug
  15. by Simon James – Dear Greenpeace

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