since early 2010, fashion has distracted me from graphic stuffs..
yea.. i started to do some dress making
the mori girls style (森ガール) really gets me. love the ruffles, layers and dresses ♥
so i did some research on this style, designed some dresses and made it with my own hand and then gather it with the ideal outfit in my mind..
i wear it for everyday, i wore when i travel back to indonesia in Aug – Sep 2010
*and of course it works, match well with the hijab 🙂
and get some positive response from my friends (yay!)
so i gathered some looks, what and how to wear it
i also posted it in my tumblr, not the chisaa one
but this one special for everyday wear (well it’s not that i post it everyday) i mean the casual looks
sarasaraa .  tumblr . com
it updated as soon as possible.
but here, in this blog, i will update it monthly, so here it is..

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