vintage kimono project

the other day i bought a vintage kimono, made from silk.
and today it’s just arrived.
vewwy happy.
it’s gorgeous as i expected.
 so my plan with this kimono is
undo all the sew then reconstruct it into a new dress.

as i said before it’s gorgeous..
and it’s very well crafted, hand stitched i guess..
and very very fine one.
sasuga.. tte omotteta.

after i review an check the item..
it’s kinda.. i have no heart to undo it.
too gorgeous.

ah.. doushioo..

the dilemma..
it’s gorgeous as it is. but the thing is..
i wont wear it very often if i leave it just s it is.
that’s why i want to change it into a dress.
so i could wear it quite often.
demo.. nanka mottainai naa..


2 thoughts on “vintage kimono project

  1. Assalam alikum sis i am so amazed by your talent and your style i find its extremely modest and inspiring
    Please can u share how you stiched n sewed the garments i woul love to learn i have just started stiching inshallah once my pgce is completed this year i will be a teacHer and i wanted a certain look to go with my profession pleaseee can you help mee.
    If you prefer not to share i would happily comiSsion you to make me some garments.
    Please let me know

    1. wa’alaykumsalaam wr wb, sister..
      masyaAllah 🙂
      well the technique that o got is pretty standard 🙂
      nothing special .. really
      well i’m trying to build my own brand. InsyaAllah.
      i’ll email you for further brief 🙂

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